Issue I'm having on Windows 10

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Issue I'm having on Windows 10

Unread post by alecanto » Mon May 08, 2017 12:55 am

I have been trying to get this game to work on Windows 10 and am, not surprisingly, having the exact same issue as when I try to play Chameleon, which apparently uses the same engine as H&D 2. I have the box CD copy, I install it, and when I try to run the .exe, I get no response but I do get a text file in the game folder saying:

Date: 05/07/17 time:17:40:37
LS3D Engine V5.43.3 Oct 3 2003 GetVer:543

ERROR! DirectX version is lower than 8.1 !

This is the exact same issue as Chameleon (That game has alot more to it, but this seems to be the only thing holding it back.)

I have tried installing the DX redists from MS's website and that does nothing. Is there anyone who can help with this? Both of these games look spectacular and I am dying to play them on my modern rig (which I'm assuming is part of the problem lol).
my specs are:
i7 7700k
GTX 1070
16 gb DDR4
Windows 10

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Re: Issue I'm having on Windows 10

Unread post by Deathstruck » Tue May 09, 2017 4:09 am

Hey man,

I had the same exact problem but managed to figure it out in the end.

I see you have an NVIDIA card like me. Did you by any chance updated the drivers to the newest version?
2 days ago, I did just that (382.05) and since then both H&D2 and Chameleon refused to work. I reverted to the version just before that (381.65) and then it worked again.

It seems they have borked something DirectX related in the newest driver which causes compatibility issues with LS3D engine games.

Good luck!

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